Welcome to Kaandorp Cheese Nederland

Kaandorp Cheese is a specialist in slicing and packaging cheese, a household name in the cheese world since 1934. The North Holland family business has built up its expertise in cheese breeding and distribution. Be inspired by the extensive range of Gouda cheeses, organic specialties, pounds, lunch cheeses and foreign cheeses! The acquired fame is partly due to the worldwide export of Dutch quality cheese. From the Netherlands we supply customers in various European countries, America and China. Kaandorp convinces by delivering quality and our team is always there for you!

The Cheese Market in Alkmaar

The Cheese Market in Alkmaar is a traditional Dutch cheese market. The market takes place on the Waagplein, in front of the monumental Waag building. The cheese market has been a tradition for more than four centuries. In the 18th century, a cheese market was held four days a week and lasted until 1 am. The market is now held every Friday morning from April to September and is visited by 100,000 people every year.

At 10:00 am the bell rings and the cheese market starts. The setters load the characteristic cheese berries, which are carried to the scales by the cheese carriers. There the cheese is weighed. In the square, inspectors determine the quality of the cheese and traders negotiate the price. This is traditionally accompanied by clapping hands. At 1 p.m. the Waagtoren clock will ring to signal the end of the cheese market, with explanations in various languages: Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish.