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Cheese Lovers

Traditional Holland

Cheese Lovers
Cheese Lovers cheeses are produced in a cooperative dairy with a history of more than 100 years. Once started as a butter factory and now a flourishing cheese factory. Our 4.5 kg natural and herbal cheeses are made here. The name Cheese Lovers says it all, cheese for the cheese lover. We have selected about 20 cheeses in cow and goat varieties. If you still want to add another spice variant to your range, we can have flavors produced for you in consultation.

We can cut and package beautiful wedges of, for example, 200 gr of these cheeses for you in the store, online webshops and Christmas packages. We cut 170 gram wedges for letterbox packages.

Available range:
Cow: natural, nettle, chili, wild garlic, cummel, lavender, mustard, olive-tomato, pepper, pesto green, arugula, truffle, walnut. Goat: natural, fenugreek, herbs/garlic, Italian herbs.