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Marken Exclusief

Taste the craftmanship!

Proud traditions around the Zuiderzee revive in Marken Exclusief

Until more than 80 years ago it formed in the salty Zuiderzee the lighthouse of the island of Marken one safe beacon for many sailors. And although the turbulent waves have now been contained, it seems the time has come to have stood still. Deeply rooted feelings of nostalgia, tradition, pure craft and proud traditions revive in Marken Exclusief. A 100% Dutch Gouda with traditional maturation, in which you can still taste the craft. Smooth on the tongue and with a beautiful salty taste experience.

A beautiful historical decor makes Marken Exclusief a Dutch brand with a lot of emotion. A brand that the high quality of the cheese beautifully symbolizes and to everyone’s imagination speaks.

Marken Exclusief exclusive is available from young to very old.