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Jisper Gouda cheese

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Origins Jisper Gouda cheese

Located in a nature reserve of approximately 2000 ha, Jisp was already a prosperous village around 1200 and was nominated to become the capital of the Netherlands. The peat area was almost exclusively suitable for raising dairy cattle, making this area the engine behind the cattle and cheese economy. This is why the cities of Alkmaar and Edam, where the cheese was traded, have become so famous. In the 18th century there were many cheese warehouses in Jisp and in 1911 Jisp got his own cheese factory “De Ster.” The factory has now closed, but with this North Holland Jisper cheese with PDO seal (protected designation of origin) we honor the rich history of Jisp. 

A full creamy taste with all the characteristics of the North Holland landscape with its green meadows and influence of the sea. Only the grass-fed milk from cows that graze in our North Holland landscape is good enough for our Jisper Cheese. The secret of our cheese has been closely guarded  since 1916. The old craftsmanship of the best cheese makers and cheese masters spoil us with this beautiful, full flavor that is so distinctive. The cheese is available from young to extra old.