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Jersey cheese

Jersey cow cheese

Holland Bio Organic Jersey cheese is an organic cheese made from 100% Jersey milk. The 70 Jersey cows graze in the Loonse and Drunense dunes. Here you will find forest, heather and especially a lot of sand. It is one of the largest drifting sand areas in Western Europe. The wind can blow undisturbed in many places, resulting in an ever-changing landscape.

What makes Jersey cheese so special?
The quality of the milk of the Jersey cows is higher than that of any other dairy cow. The milk of this beautiful variety has a higher fat content and more protein and calcium than the milk of other varieties, which makes the cheese even creamier and fuller in taste. The carotene content is also higher and gives the cheese a striking yellow color.

The Jersey cows are housed in a “Quatrain barn”. The barn looks like part of the Loonse en Drunense dunes because of its natural and open character. The cows walk into the nature reserve every day as natural grazers. The “Kwatrijn barn” is also nice for the cow, energy-efficient and has a lower ammonia emission, partly because the Jersey cow uses her feed efficiently. They use less (processed) feed. The Jersey cow is a very strong breed that, partly due to its characteristics, leaves a nice ecological footprint.

From January to November the cows are only in the barn at night and in November and December the cows are in the barn all day. The cow is given between 6-12m of space in the barn.